What Are The Benefits Of Acupuncture And What You Need To Know?

The ancient healing technique of acupuncture uses the insertion of very fine needles into the skin to ease tension, cure disease, and promote wholeness and longevity. The technique promotes the free flow of energy in the body. Modern science has found that the technique stimulates the parasympathetic system, helping the body relax and reducing the need for the production of stress hormones.

Due to its myriad benefits, acupuncture can be applied to promote overall health and prevent disease. It can prevent inflammation, relieve pain and help the body with the healing process. Studies have shown that regular treatment with acupuncture helps boost immune function. This suggests that the treatment may also play a preventative role in keeping the body healthy.

Modern medical practitioners are now very open to the use of acupuncture as an adjunct treatment to promote overall wellness and cure the entire person, not just a specific disease. Acupuncture has also been traditionally used with other types of treatments such as moxibustion, herbal therapy, and massage to promote natural healing and overall wellness.

3 Quick Benefits Acupuncture Provides

1) Relieve pain

Acupuncture helps relieve pain by releasing endorphins into the bloodstream. Endorphins are the same hormones released after exercise or sex and promote a state of mild euphoria and relaxation that can help counter painful sensations.

2) Prevent Inflammation

Acupuncture can decrease inflammation by stimulating the pituitary gland into releasing cortisol. Cortisol prevents the release of substances that cause inflammation. At the same time, acupuncture can help promote the production of anti-inflammatory hormones to further reduce inflammation.

3) Help With Healing

Acupuncture unblocks clogged pathways for energy and circulation which promotes the body’s natural response to heal itself using the different physiological systems. A study by the University of Vermont revealed that when needles were inserted in certain acupuncture points, connective tissue wrapped around the needles, stretching the surrounding cells. This stimulated blood flow and promoted tissue regeneration. An acupuncture session has also been shown to calm the limbic center and promote rest and recuperation.

Where Can You Find Acupuncture Professionals?

Look for acupuncture professionals in your area by doing a quick online search. It is fairly easy to browse through local clinics and read client testimonials to see if a clinic fits your needs.

Better yet, search for professional acupuncture practitioners in DaoCloud. The site connects patients with practitioners according to specific criteria so that you can work with a practitioner who has the skills and techniques that meets your needs.

Want to know more about acupuncture before you schedule your first meeting? DaoCLoud is a community with the resources you need to know more about acupuncture and any other kind of treatment. Get in touch with real acupuncture professionals and schedule sessions with practitioners from your area using this platform.

Start your journey to holistic wholeness today. Learn more about acupuncture and book your next session after seeing who’s available in your area through DaoCloud.


Product Review: How Does NovaBelle Cream Help Me Stay Young?

No matter how hard I might try at times, I’m no longer a 21 years old. Sure, there are some advantages to aging, but there are some tough realities as well. One of the toughest is waking up and seeing my face with wrinkles and bags under my eyes.

I know that there are plenty of products that promise to deliver with help in this regard, but sometimes they failed to live up to expectations. That is why I did a lot of research before ultimately giving NovaBelle Cream a try.

It has certainly been one of the best products I have used in my lifetime, and I can honestly say I look younger when taking a glance in the mirror.

The Benefits of NovaBelle Cream

The two main benefits of NovaBelle cream just happened to be exactly what I needed. I noticed that there were a few too many fine lines and wrinkles on my face, and that was something I was not thrilled about by any means.

There was also the fact that I constantly looked like I was deprived of sleep. I do get quite a bit of rest, so it was frustrating to me that the bags and the circles under my eyes were not going away.

Using the cream as directed really did start to work wonders within the first week. The best part of it all was that it did not interfere with my daily routine with my face in the first place. I really did not have to change anything up before committing to the use.

Ingredients Which Make Sense

Going back to my early days with acne issues, I have always been very wary about certain products put on my face. I certainly did not want this cream to cause additional issues because of something in it. When I looked at all the ingredients that go into the cream, it was clear that it was something that was safe overall.

Anyone with a lot of allergies will obviously want to look over the ingredients beforehand, but this is a one of the safer creams out there. A lot of natural, neutral ingredients make up the cream, meaning that it is very unlikely that it will cause any type of weird reaction.

The Price Is Right

As every woman knows, any type of health product can certainly get up there in price. It seems like a lot of companies are pretty much daring customers with their absurd prices at times. Once I heard about NovaBelle Cream, I was actually a little bit worried about finally checking the price.

I just under $100 for an order, I was very happy overall. I honestly feel like I was prepared to pay twice that amount because of how the trial went. That’s right, first time shoppers are able to take advantage of a trial so they can sample the cream before fully committing.

Since some people are going to use the cream more liberally than others, it is impossible to exactly state how long one order is going to last. I know that I am personally getting more than a month out of each order, so that’s a positive for sure. I am more than willing to spend that amount of money with the way the results are working for me.

To learn more about NovaBella check out their official website at https://www.trynovabellecream.com/ and be sure to follow them on both Twitter and Facebook.

BioDermRX: My New Favorite Skin Care Cream

BioDermRx Products

Growing older can sometimes wreak havoc on the skin, especially for people whose diets and lifestyles aren’t perfect. Fortunately, there is a way to slow the visible signs of aging and appear younger, with firmer, more supple skin, regardless of age. There are numerous supplements and skincare products on the market that can work wonders for rejuvenating skin. One product that works exceedingly well and that I highly recommend is BioDermRx.

What is BioDerm Rx and how does it work?

BioDermRx is an advanced skin care system that works in three separate steps. The first product in the three-step system is Flawless Face. Flawless Face deep cleanses the skin and pores, effectively clearing out buildup that can cause dullness and make age spots more prominent. In addition, Flawless Face nourishes skin and provides much-needed hydration to thirsty, aging skin.

BioDermRX Review

The second product in the three-step system is Age Defy. This cream effectively diminishes wrinkles, restores skin fullness and brightness, and also encourages clarity and younger-looking skin.

The third product in this trio focuses on the eyes. Eye Renew does exactly what its name implies. The skin under the eyes is fragile and
is often one of the first places where lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging become visible. This is why Eye Renew is part of the trio, as it smooths wrinkles and crows feet, revives damaged cells and tones the area underneath the eyes.

By using this three-system product, you can ensure that your entire face will soon appear years younger, which will boost your self-confidence, making you feel as you did years ago.

Try it before you buy it

If you’re skeptical about how well BioDermRx actually works, if you take action while supplies are still available, you can receive a trial bottle of this cutting-edge product. The trial bottle contains just enough of the product for you to be able to determine whether it works as it states it does. Most users notice results almost immediately, so this size is perfect for most customers in the beginning. Trial size quantities are limited, so if you’re interested
you need to place your order right away.


On the BioDermRx site, you have access to the numerous testimonials from satisfied customers (like me!) who are and continue to be BioDermRx users. These testimonials and BioDermRX reviews are so compelling that most prospective customers checking out the website are convinced to place an order for this product.

VIP membership

If you decide that you like BioDermRx and it’s effective for you, then you might want to become a VIP member. A VIP membership entitles you to four facial rejuvenating products. This includes Flawless Face, Age Defy, Eye Renew and Instalift. Instalift is a separate product that erases fine lines in an instant and nourishes the skin in a complete manner. This enables the skin to appear years younger after using it only once. Referred to as the 90-second wrinkle reducer, your face will grow younger right before your eyes.


The makers of BioDermRx are so confident that their three-system product will meet or exceed your expectations that BioDermRx is backed by a money back guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product, the full cost of the product will be refunded. As long as your request is made within 30 days, all you have to do is return the unused portion of the product, and you will receive a refund.

So if your self-esteem is diminishing as a result of rapidly aging skin, you might want to try BioDermRx. Chances are you will be as satisfied as many others have been.

“The Universe Has Your Back” Book Review

How To Have a Clear Mind And Learn Not To Worry

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein is a New York Times Bestseller that continues to receive stellar reviews. As a top selling author, Gabrielle Bernstein shows readers how to manifest their fears into true faith – via divine guidance and intervention. This must-read book features captivating stories and lessons that help readers overcome obstacles and hurdles to true happiness.

The book also showcases a range of techniques dealing with insecurity issues, along with establishing clear and concise directions in life. These vital life-learning skills are vital in securing optimal control in life; resulting in better certainty and freedom. In many ways, these amazing read helps you stop chasing life – and start living life to its fullest potentials today.

Transforming Fear into Faith

the universe has your back book coverAvailable in hard cover or e-book formats, The Universe Has Your Back continues to transform the lives of so many readers. Gabrielle Bernstein draws on her own life experiences with a range of insightful and inspirational stories. In a time where uncertainty and fear is commonplace, this book truly restores our faith in humankind and the ongoing quest to achieve inner happiness and internal solace.

The stories truly capture the allure and essence of faith and joy – the cornerstones of meeting our true purposes in life. In fact, readers have heralded this publication for helping them rediscover the power of faith in their lives, while understanding the universal bond of love and caring that we all share.

If you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or are is simply stagnating in life – a few passages from this incredible read truly offers a sense of security, belonging, and re-commitment to living our lives in a productive, pro-active, and peaceful manner.

Securing Happiness by Being Happy

We often hear that “happiness lies within salvation.” However, most people seem to be searching for something that is already there – but they cannot see it. This, of course, is the hidden faith and spirituality that we all share as humans.

No matter which religion we practice or which holy book we read -the ultimate path to happiness likes in our commitment to love. In fact, the book teaches readers how to make this their primary missions in life; spanning all personal, social, and private existences.

While technology is a great thing, it has sadly made most of us mindless robots to social media and other burgeoning platforms. We as humans have lost our ethics, morals, and basic beliefs in spirituality and a higher power. Whether you believe in God or not, there are so many ways to restore pure happiness in life.

It simply comes down to taking stock of one’s own life -and how he or she would like to enhance or tweak it to achieve inner and external happiness.

Getting Our Lives Back

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself”. How many times have we heard this statement over the years? The fact is that this is very true, and can easily manifest into so many fears and obstacles in our lives. This includes fear of failure, along with fear of death and even fear of intimacy.

Gabrielle effectively teaches readers how to release these fears by not living in unchangeable past. Similarly, she stresses the need to live in the present –without worrying about the unforeseen future. The book – with its many stories – teaches us to rely on the presence of our own hidden powers during turbulent and uncertain times.

In other words, when you are feeling lost due to life’s overwhelming challenges and never-ending stimuli – there is always hope.

This lies in your own positive energy, which you can create by drawing on positive experiences, memories, and the fact that nothing in life is every written or embedded in stone. With this mindset, you are able to move on in life without worrying about bills, social anxiety, health scares, and other common or extensive issues.


While we all have problems in life – the one constant knows that we are all connected through spirituality, beliefs, and the fact that higher powers do exist. Even for non-believers, there is something out there for everyone and it is our duty to go find or release it!

I highly recommend picking up this book if you feel that sometimes life is just too overwhelming to keep up with and want to reconnect with true happiness.  Gabrielle has created a book that will do down as a true classic; offering insights, advice, and true stories from her life that are sure to help anyone with an open mind.

You can read more book reviews and inspiring tales on my website. I regularly share a wealth of resources; healthy living, personal stories, inspirations for entrepreneurs, and blogs/articles that I hope to engage and attract readers from all walks of life.

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How To Eliminate Mindless Chatter

For the average person studying for an exam, working in an office or from home, it’s easy to get distracted. Being able to focus on a particular task and concentrate completely helps people get their work done much more effortlessly. It pays to learn a few simple tips on how to eliminate mindless chatter, avoid distraction and stay productive all day long.

Keep Your Goals/Visions in Mind

Thinking about why you need to stay focused can help you push through the most challenging and tedious part of accomplishing your goals. It’s when you know your goals that your ability to focus is tested and most needed. Whenever your mind starts wandering, thinking about your short and long-term goals can help you stay on track.

Focus On A Few Important Tasks at a Time

If you have an overwhelming number of tasks to complete in a day, it’s important to break it down to the essentials. It’s hard to complete say 25 tasks in a day with sophistication yet your mind is wandering. Try to break down the tasks to manageable levels. Most times, it’s better to do your work a bit slower. That’s better than giving up early because you took on more than you can handle.

Control Internal Distractions

Internal distractions can be hard to deal with, but all you need is some dedicated effort. Find simple ways to prevent your mind from straying and prepare for work. One of the best ways is to have a dedicated workstation. It also helps to set deadlines. Ultimately, it’s all about focusing on what’s happening internally, keep your mind on getting things done, and you’ll see that all your thoughts will be channeled towards the task at hand.

Avoid External Distractions

Take note of things that easily distract you and escape from them. For instance, if your Smartphone is a distraction, put it on silent. If you can’t focus while the television is on, turn it off or better yet work in a different room. More often than not, it’s pretty obvious what you should do to avoid external distractions, but most people overlook this piece of advice.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

A bowl of cereal may have more benefits than jumpstarting your metabolism. Numerous studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast can improve your concentration and ability to stay focused. A cup of tea or coffee may also boost your concentration and alertness. If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, try other tricks to increase alertness, such as chewing gum.

Focus Practice

Several focus exercises can help to improve your overall discipline. Medication is one such activity that is considered an excellent method to relieve stress, build focus ability and give you greater control of your emotions. Carry out some research and learn a few meditation techniques that work for you.

Starting your work early and working continuously till late don’t necessarily mean you’re getting more work done. Short bursts of work followed by breaks have proven to be more efficient than working without breaks. The Pomodoro method is a very popular technique for improving your focus. It is based on the idea of breaking down your time to include periods of focus and concentration followed by solid breaks. Each break improves your ability to stay focused on whatever you’re doing.

5 Reasons Why Creativity Is Important In Everyday Life


Creativity is one of the most important qualities that a person can have. This quality will help you navigate through challenging times. And if you exploit it well, you might end up making some extra income from it. Here are some reasons why creativity is important in everyday life.

It solves problems

The number one reason why creativity is important in everyday life is it solves problems. With creativity, you will be better placed in solving different types of problems that may arise in different areas of your work and life. What makes this trait so great in solving complex problems is the fact that you will be able to attack the situation from all angles. Doing this will solve the issue faster and more easily than if you were approaching it from a logical and linear approach. You will also be able to see things differently and you will be better place to deal with uncertainty when you utilize your creativity.

Creativity can contribute to a longer life

A study has shown that creativity can reduce the risk of mortality and add more years to an individual’s life. The findings of this study were published on the Scientific American Magazine. The study explained that creativity achieves this by drawing on a variety of neural networks within the brain. Creativity reduces stress and anxiety, improves medical outcomes, and decreases negative emotions. This is the reason why psychologists recommend creative arts to manage stress levels of their patients. Apart from helping you live longer, creativity can also improve the quality of your life and health too.

It can help you develop confidence

Creativity is not all roses. There are many risks involved in it and you will have to face some ups and downs. For instance, if you are an artist, the risk that your art will never see the light of day is always there. You, therefore, have to be willing to face this risk. If you are willing to face this risk, creativity can help you build confidence. This is because you get to learn that failure is part of the creative process and it is also part of life. This will in turn help you learn that you can survive failure, and out of it you can grow.

It gives you new ways of expressing yourself

You can express creativity in any form that you want. With creativity you can express your inner thoughts and feelings to the outside world in a way that is pleasing and that can capture the eyes of those who experience it. The way you express yourself through creativity can also generate some income for you.

It is satisfying

Creativity also brings about a feeling of satisfaction. The best thing about satisfaction brought about by creativity is that it knows no age or what stage of life you are in. Creativity reassures you that whatever situation you are going through, that the world is yours to explore.
Creativity is a trait that only you can exploit and express for your benefit and that of others. The five reasons provided above are some of why you should use your creativity in everyday life. Therefore, go out there and tackle what life will throw your way with creativity. Here are some ways to hack your creativity.

The Benefits Of Meditation

benefits of mediation

Meditation is a relaxation technique that allows practitioners to concentrate on a specific thought, in order to remove negative energy from their minds. This is accomplished by various breathing exercises, and by repeating phrases vocally or mentally. Proponents believe that there are physical and mental advantages to meditation, when it is properly done. Today, the technique is a helpful tool for religious and non religious people alike — enabling them to find inner peace in an increasingly fast paced world.

There are several different meditation methods, and the people who practice these methods usually exhibit an enhanced ability to focus, as well as a calmer and more balanced mindset. Meditation sessions can be as short as five minutes, particularly at the start, when implementing this technique might feel odd and unnatural. Morning meditation sessions will prepare practitioners well for the day ahead, however people can opt to meditate whenever it is most convenient, and meditating numerous times per day is definitely recommended.

Different people choose to meditate in different locations. Some people allocate an area of their home for this purpose, however novice practitioners probably would not want to go this far. Rather, any location, such as a lounge, bedroom, garden or kitchen is suitable — providing it is quiet and away from any possible distractions.

Meditating regularly offers many psychological benefits. Proponents believe that the practice of emptying the mind and unwinding allows them to contextualize their emotions. An incident that annoyed or enraged them might appear less significant, after some calm meditating. For instance, if they are irritated about an incident that happened hours earlier, while they were working, meditating might erase that incident from their mind. Once the meditation session is finished, they tend to feel less irritated and able to move on from the incident with good grace.

Using meditation to reduce stress can make people feel physically better. When people suffer from anxiety, their bodies usually tense up – which can cause muscle pains. Also, stress can cause insomnia and prevent people from getting a full night’s sleep, so meditating can help them to sustain normal sleep patterns. Because the body repairs itself during the night, losing sleep often makes people more vulnerable to illness, because their immune system will be weakened.

In addition, meditation proponents believe that the technique might facilitate weight loss, in conjunction with exercise and diet. Many people find it hard to overcome hunger cravings, particularly during stressful periods of their lives. These people can meditate when they feel the urge to eat junk food inbetween meal times. Then, once they are finished their meditation session, their hunger cravings should have reduced.

Often, meditation is beneficial to people who experience stress linked to situations outside of their control. Because these people can not intervene to improve their circumstances, going over the problem in their minds repeatedly hinders their day to day lives. Meditation techniques allow these people to stop fretting temporarily about matters that they can not alter.

While people might enjoy a range of individual benefits from meditation, the technique should not be regarded as a replacement for medical treatment for the types of conditions mentioned above. Meditation is supposed to be adopted as a home based remedy, which is used alongside conventional treatment. Doctors might advise patients to meditate regularly, whilst undergoing other types of treatment – such as therapy and drugs.

Staying Healthy & Fit During The Holiday Season

A fit and healthy person not just looks good from the outside but also feels good from within. Staying healthy is therefore imperative to enjoy life at its fullest – this is particularly true during holidays or festival seasons when you’re likely to indulge in maximum fun and travel. An unfit body would become a baggage during such periods. If you’d like to know how to stay fit and healthy throughout the year and not just during the holiday season or when you’re heading out on a vacation, keep reading.

Stay Mobile

Be constantly on the move; take out phases of inactivity from your routine as much as possible. If you’re sitting on the couch, see if you can stand out the period. A lot of time spent sitting is not good for the health in general. Getting off the couch for a few minutes once every hour and spending that time indulging in light exercising such as squats can help reduce diabetes risks significantly.

Eat Before Leaving

When you’re heading out to meet a friend or relative or just shopping with your folks, make sure you don’t leave the house on an empty stomach. Eat to your heart’s content. Right out of the door, you should not feel hungry at all. Eat something even when heading out for a dinner with relatives or friends so that you don’t eat too much at the restaurant. In case you plan to feast on some street food outside, all the walking and stepping inside and outside stores would burn good amount of calories, making necessary space within your system.

Don’t Skip Meals and Pick Your Treats

Skipping meals, particularly the breakfast, is not the right thing to do when you’re looking to lose weight or want to stay fit. Avoiding regular food would only gravitate you more towards calorie-dense comfort food such as sweets and ice creams. Also, your primary meals are the most nutritious things you’ll likely eat in a day. By eating well, you’re more likely to control holiday stress instead of overeating when you go out.

Stay Independent

If you’re the one who stays fit by hitting the gym or attending yoga sessions, then indulging in exercise when away from home can be difficult. When on the move, it’s hard to find a gym; and even if you find one, making out time for it would not be the most convenient thing to do. During such times, it’s wise to perform exercises that do not require tools or instructors. If you’re used to working out at home sans any special equipment, then exercising while traveling should not be difficult.

There are several articles online that give instructions on exercises without equipment. If you want them as reference materials, take them offline for later use. If moving content offline is not an option, take snaps of the material on your phone. Also, there are several exercise or fitness-related apps that you could use offline.

Embrace Nature

Use your surroundings as your gym. For instance, if you’re on a beach holiday or an island, workout in the water. Cities or country sides that have splendid parks can be explored by running, hiking, walking, and biking. This way you are taking a tour of the place and also simultaneously working out. If you’re more of the adventurous kind, try paddle boarding, surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, kite surfing, etc. You are getting fresh air by doing this and also putting some of your muscles into action that you never knew existed.

Use Facilities Wherever Possible

If you’re planning your vacation stay in advance, know more about the lodging destination – in terms of the facilities it packs, such as gym, swimming pool, tennis court, etc. Prefer hotels that have swimming pools. Swimming is perhaps the ideal way to burn maximum calories within the shortest possible time.

Don’t Go Overboard

Do not get carried away with the exercising. Keep things under control and acknowledge the fact that your body can only take so much. If you’re feeling tired, take a break and relax. Eat healthy and recharge your system.

Also, balance fun and fitness. Exercise and eating healthy should not be on your mind always, especially when you’re supposed to be enjoying things and the people around you. Make some time to explore the new environment. If you’re with friends, make a conscious effort to be in the moment. Remember, it’s okay to cut loose and indulge a bit. Missing out on exercising or healthy eating for a day is not going to make any drastic or irreversible changes to your physical self.

Hacks To Inspire Your Creativity

Creativity Irina Dorko

Creativity is tricky – it is more than just a feeling, a hortatory type of energy that inspires you to create. It’s a process, a mindset that you have to actively slip into. Whether you are a salesman, marketer, freelance writer, entrepreneur, or artist – creativity is a valuable asset that allows you to find comfort drawing out of the lines, where innovation, creativity, and unique visions germinate. Here’s how you can learn the skill of creativity and create a space where it is fostered.

Adopt The Mindset

Many people tend to think that creativity is a gift – when in reality, it is a skill. One of the key aspects of fine-tuning your creative muscle is by adopting one of the key points of renovation: allow yourself to slip into another person’s perspective, living vicariously through them. The essence of creativity is solving, satisfying, and existing via someone else’s shoes.

Give yourself the audacity to be creative. Since many people think that creative arts is a skill of the top echelons of the entrepreneurial world, they think that it is a skill that is beyond their reach. Thinking this way will only stifle your progress. Actively believe that you are creative, read up and study innovators to derive inspiration from their characteristics and actions, and you’ll realize that the avalanche of creativity just requires a bit of self-determination.

Creativity Hacks

Traveling to scenic places to trigger creativity. It is known that to have a more creative brain that one should travel. Many great creatives’s drew inspiration from the travels, like Ernest Hemingway and his travels throughout France and Spain. The great Mark Twain even said that traveling is “fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” There is a close connection between creativity and neuroplasticity. Simply by being in a new space, with a unique culture, new scenery, with people from a different way of life, coupled with the new smells and tastes; it helps to conceive a space where there is a neurological and cognitive shift that can bring out creativity.

Relax and let creativity flow with the help of music. Music can be an effective tension reliever, with soothing music helping to relax muscles and cognitive tension. There have been studies that show that ambient, soothing music can help slow breathing patterns and reduce overall stress. If one of the reasons why you think you are experiencing a creative roadblock is due to stress, then you might find that playing classical music in the background as you work can help bring bouts of creativity.

Watch a bit of science fiction. A 2012 study showed that Harry Potter films can enhance creativity in children – if Harry Potter is not your forte, then do not be afraid to invest in a good science-fiction movie. Movies allow you to live and exist inside of people’s lives and minds, strengthening emotions involved with imagination and empathy.

Creativity is indeed one of the key skills for the 21st century – but do not let that intimidate you. Integrating creativity does not have to be a daunting task, but as long as you take actionable steps to hone and include creativity in your professional and personal life, you will find that creativity is much closer than you think.

What Inspires You To Run A Business?

No successful businessperson ever got into business solely for the money. There is always some sort of backstory that drives the person, and that person draws strength from that story. In some cases that backstory informs the person’s goals and dreams, and can sometimes even take on on a life of its own. By looking at the person’s backstory and the degree to which it shapes a person’s life it is possible to tell what kind of person you are dealing with, and ultimately whether or not that person is worth dealing with. As such, it is important to understand that person’s backstory.

Donna Karan is an interesting to look at because her business was inspired by the need to do two things: Create a business she was in control of and to allow her to be the best mother she could be. She was tired that she kept being passed over for promotion despite the money she brought in to company and so decided to create her own. At the same time she wanted a business that allowed her some flexibility so that she could do the parental things, such as show up for her daughters’ school plays. Her company DKNY, was formed with that in mind, and still informs a lot of her decisions today.donna-karan01

A lot of women business owners have made similar decisions. Money in and of itself can not be the goal; businesses that do so end up failing miserably in the long term; they just lack a certain spirit that successful businesses lack. The owner of the business must be somehow inspired by something in order to make sure that the business keeps on track, to keep its vision clear. Being inspired to do the business ensures that, especially when the inspiration is near and dear to the person in question. The clearer the inspiration, the more likely that the business will be successful.

The necessity for proper inspiration cannot be ignored. A mother trying to make a better life for her children will have a greater strength than one that is merely trying to survive; the former woman has something she is trying to fight for, something that gives her strength even when her own strength fails, while the latter only has her own strength to rely on. This applies to anyone who has been inspired, as it means that the person has access to a greater strength, and that can make for a huge difference when the person has to deal with dark periods, when she doubts herself; she has that inspiration to back her she can relatively easily deal with that.

As such, a young businesswoman needs to find something that inspires her, that can provide her the strength when she needs it. It is possible to become a businesswoman, even a successful with being inspired, but that inspiration can fuel a person even in their darkest night, and give her a focus that allows her to drive through almost anything. As such inspiration is worth its weight in gold, and is something that is worth acting on.