Meditation Basics

Meditation is a relaxation technique, which involves concentrating on one reference point or object. The aim is to calm the brain, so you can immerse yourself in your true essence — your real self that is at one with the universe. Throughout the world, people meditate for a range of reasons. Some people do it to feel less stressed, whereas others do it for religious reasons.

There are several different meditation methods, and choosing the one that works best for you offers numerous advantages. People who meditate frequently are usually more centered, and typically have superior concentration abilities to those who don’t. This technique can be incorporated into spiritual practices, such as Christianity and Wicca.

At its heart though, meditation is all about sitting and being. You are transcending the confines of the ‘socially conditioned’ brain to achieve a state of oneness. Although you can concentrate on your breathing (or on an object) to advance towards this state, essentially it happens naturally and gradually through time. Your goal should be to connect with your soul. You are peering inwards, without trying to do more than sitting and being.

Also, it is a good idea to use meditation to deal with obstacles you encounter in your life. For example, if you need to make a choice about a certain area of your life – like a change of job — doing some meditation will help you to think clearly. Often, the answer you need will pop into your head instantaneously. Developing the ability to focus and direct your mental energy towards a specific issue can generate fantastic results.

The location you use to meditate should be calm and peaceful. This can be outside or inside, as long as you don’t get interrupted. Silent meditation is favored by many practitioners, however others prefer to play soft music. You can meditate on the floor, or while seated in a chair. You should keep your back straight in both scenarios though. Some people like to keep their legs folded, but no specific pose is necessary. Use a pillow or two to support you, if this makes you feel more comfortable.

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