Why Our Children Need Creative Arts

Young children in primary school are prepared to showcase a unique type of individual expression. One of the best modes to deliver this individual expression is via the creative arts in school.

Even though the benefits of the creative arts are well documented, many institutions are more than happy to cut these types of programs the moment there is an issue with school budgeting. The significant impact that the creative arts have on the cognitive development of children are well known.

More than just cognitive development — it is a multi-sensory mode of education. Creative arts is one of the few disciplines that utilizes almost all of the sense. Children who advance in creative arts will be able to hear music notes, touch instruments, watch how sounds and melodies are being produced, and even smell different paints that are used in art class.

Creative Arts for KidsStudents are able to create a connection between the senses, underlining the tactile benefitsĀ of the creative arts. For young children, this multi-sensory activity is particularly important as it presents a model of learning that is significantly more involved. In laymen’s terms, creative arts has the ability to integrate several senses at the same time.

Creative arts can also benefit hard skills. A study by the Arts Education Partnership has revealed that children who participate in the creative arts like music, drama, and dance are actually benefiting in a way that makes them more skilled at writing, reading, and mathematics. Analyzed data showed that students who received more arts education did significantly better in tests in other subjects. Creative arts has the ability to foster, confident schoolchildren that are confident in hard skills like reading and mathematics.

Helps improve community cohesion. Students — especially those coming from low-income families — do not have the privilege of the arts at home. The creative arts requires tools and instruments that can be expensive to obtain and maintain. Creative arts at schools help closes the gap that exists within different socioeconomic groups, forming a mode of learning that is more inclusive.

Art can even improve your child’s graduation rate. A study of New York public schools, has found that student groups with the highest graduation rates also tend to have the greatest access to the arts. Many savvy schools have even adopted programs to help mitigate dropouts, with many students citing creative arts as a reason why they enjoy and actively attend school.

Tomorrow’s future entrepreneurs. There is a creative part of entrepreneurship, with its consisting of underlining the importance of intellectual capital — these are people who actively invest in their own talents. Being an entrepreneur is a highly tactile, highly autonomous way of subsistence that requires abstract as well as concrete thought. This is the type of leadership that can be nourished by the creative arts during childhood development.


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