What Inspires You To Run A Business?

No successful businessperson ever got into business solely for the money. There is always some sort of backstory that drives the person, and that person draws strength from that story. In some cases that backstory informs the person’s goals and dreams, and can sometimes even take on on a life of its own. By looking at the person’s backstory and the degree to which it shapes a person’s life it is possible to tell what kind of person you are dealing with, and ultimately whether or not that person is worth dealing with. As such, it is important to understand that person’s backstory.

Donna Karan is an interesting to look at because her business was inspired by the need to do two things: Create a business she was in control of and to allow her to be the best mother she could be. She was tired that she kept being passed over for promotion despite the money she brought in to company and so decided to create her own. At the same time she wanted a business that allowed her some flexibility so that she could do the parental things, such as show up for her daughters’ school plays. Her company DKNY, was formed with that in mind, and still informs a lot of her decisions today.donna-karan01

A lot of women business owners have made similar decisions. Money in and of itself can not be the goal; businesses that do so end up failing miserably in the long term; they just lack a certain spirit that successful businesses lack. The owner of the business must be somehow inspired by something in order to make sure that the business keeps on track, to keep its vision clear. Being inspired to do the business ensures that, especially when the inspiration is near and dear to the person in question. The clearer the inspiration, the more likely that the business will be successful.

The necessity for proper inspiration cannot be ignored. A mother trying to make a better life for her children will have a greater strength than one that is merely trying to survive; the former woman has something she is trying to fight for, something that gives her strength even when her own strength fails, while the latter only has her own strength to rely on. This applies to anyone who has been inspired, as it means that the person has access to a greater strength, and that can make for a huge difference when the person has to deal with dark periods, when she doubts herself; she has that inspiration to back her she can relatively easily deal with that.

As such, a young businesswoman needs to find something that inspires her, that can provide her the strength when she needs it. It is possible to become a businesswoman, even a successful with being inspired, but that inspiration can fuel a person even in their darkest night, and give her a focus that allows her to drive through almost anything. As such inspiration is worth its weight in gold, and is something that is worth acting on.


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