Hacks To Inspire Your Creativity

Creativity is tricky – it is more than just a feeling, a hortatory type of energy that inspires you to create. It’s a process, a mindset that you have to actively slip into. Whether you are a salesman, marketer, freelance writer, entrepreneur, or artist – creativity is a valuable asset that allows you to find comfort drawing out of the lines, where innovation, creativity, and unique visions germinate. Here’s how you can learn the skill of creativity and create a space where it is fostered.

Adopt The Mindset

Many people tend to think that creativity is a gift – when in reality, it is a skill. One of the key aspects of fine-tuning your creative muscle is by adopting one of the key points of renovation: allow yourself to slip into another person’s perspective, living vicariously through them. The essence of creativity is solving, satisfying, and existing via someone else’s shoes.

Give yourself the audacity to be creative. Since many people think that creative arts is a skill of the top echelons of the entrepreneurial world, they think that it is a skill that is beyond their reach. Thinking this way will only stifle your progress. Actively believe that you are creative, read up and study innovators to derive inspiration from their characteristics and actions, and you’ll realize that the avalanche of creativity just requires a bit of self-determination.

Creativity Hacks

Traveling to scenic places to trigger creativity. It is known that to have a more creative brain that one should travel. Many great creatives’s drew inspiration from the travels, like Ernest Hemingway and his travels throughout France and Spain. The great Mark Twain even said that traveling is “fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” There is a close connection between creativity and neuroplasticity. Simply by being in a new space, with a unique culture, new scenery, with people from a different way of life, coupled with the new smells and tastes; it helps to conceive a space where there is a neurological and cognitive shift that can bring out creativity.

Relax and let creativity flow with the help of music. Music can be an effective tension reliever, with soothing music helping to relax muscles and cognitive tension. There have been studies that show that ambient, soothing music can help slow breathing patterns and reduce overall stress. If one of the reasons why you think you are experiencing a creative roadblock is due to stress, then you might find that playing classical music in the background as you work can help bring bouts of creativity.

Watch a bit of science fiction. A 2012 study showed that Harry Potter films can enhance creativity in children – if Harry Potter is not your forte, then do not be afraid to invest in a good science-fiction movie. Movies allow you to live and exist inside of people’s lives and minds, strengthening emotions involved with imagination and empathy.

Creativity is indeed one of the key skills for the 21st century – but do not let that intimidate you. Integrating creativity does not have to be a daunting task, but as long as you take actionable steps to hone and include creativity in your professional and personal life, you will find that creativity is much closer than you think.


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