Staying Healthy & Fit During The Holiday Season

A fit and healthy person not just looks good from the outside but also feels good from within. Staying healthy is therefore imperative to enjoy life at its fullest – this is particularly true during holidays or festival seasons when you’re likely to indulge in maximum fun and travel. An unfit body would become a baggage during such periods. If you’d like to know how to stay fit and healthy throughout the year and not just during the holiday season or when you’re heading out on a vacation, keep reading.

Stay Mobile

Be constantly on the move; take out phases of inactivity from your routine as much as possible. If you’re sitting on the couch, see if you can stand out the period. A lot of time spent sitting is not good for the health in general. Getting off the couch for a few minutes once every hour and spending that time indulging in light exercising such as squats can help reduce diabetes risks significantly.

Eat Before Leaving

When you’re heading out to meet a friend or relative or just shopping with your folks, make sure you don’t leave the house on an empty stomach. Eat to your heart’s content. Right out of the door, you should not feel hungry at all. Eat something even when heading out for a dinner with relatives or friends so that you don’t eat too much at the restaurant. In case you plan to feast on some street food outside, all the walking and stepping inside and outside stores would burn good amount of calories, making necessary space within your system.

Don’t Skip Meals and Pick Your Treats

Skipping meals, particularly the breakfast, is not the right thing to do when you’re looking to lose weight or want to stay fit. Avoiding regular food would only gravitate you more towards calorie-dense comfort food such as sweets and ice creams. Also, your primary meals are the most nutritious things you’ll likely eat in a day. By eating well, you’re more likely to control holiday stress instead of overeating when you go out.

Stay Independent

If you’re the one who stays fit by hitting the gym or attending yoga sessions, then indulging in exercise when away from home can be difficult. When on the move, it’s hard to find a gym; and even if you find one, making out time for it would not be the most convenient thing to do. During such times, it’s wise to perform exercises that do not require tools or instructors. If you’re used to working out at home sans any special equipment, then exercising while traveling should not be difficult.

There are several articles online that give instructions on exercises without equipment. If you want them as reference materials, take them offline for later use. If moving content offline is not an option, take snaps of the material on your phone. Also, there are several exercise or fitness-related apps that you could use offline.

Embrace Nature

Use your surroundings as your gym. For instance, if you’re on a beach holiday or an island, workout in the water. Cities or country sides that have splendid parks can be explored by running, hiking, walking, and biking. This way you are taking a tour of the place and also simultaneously working out. If you’re more of the adventurous kind, try paddle boarding, surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, kite surfing, etc. You are getting fresh air by doing this and also putting some of your muscles into action that you never knew existed.

Use Facilities Wherever Possible

If you’re planning your vacation stay in advance, know more about the lodging destination – in terms of the facilities it packs, such as gym, swimming pool, tennis court, etc. Prefer hotels that have swimming pools. Swimming is perhaps the ideal way to burn maximum calories within the shortest possible time.

Don’t Go Overboard

Do not get carried away with the exercising. Keep things under control and acknowledge the fact that your body can only take so much. If you’re feeling tired, take a break and relax. Eat healthy and recharge your system.

Also, balance fun and fitness. Exercise and eating healthy should not be on your mind always, especially when you’re supposed to be enjoying things and the people around you. Make some time to explore the new environment. If you’re with friends, make a conscious effort to be in the moment. Remember, it’s okay to cut loose and indulge a bit. Missing out on exercising or healthy eating for a day is not going to make any drastic or irreversible changes to your physical self.


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