“The Universe Has Your Back” Book Review

How To Have a Clear Mind And Learn Not To Worry

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein is a New York Times Bestseller that continues to receive stellar reviews. As a top selling author, Gabrielle Bernstein shows readers how to manifest their fears into true faith – via divine guidance and intervention. This must-read book features captivating stories and lessons that help readers overcome obstacles and hurdles to true happiness.

The book also showcases a range of techniques dealing with insecurity issues, along with establishing clear and concise directions in life. These vital life-learning skills are vital in securing optimal control in life; resulting in better certainty and freedom. In many ways, these amazing read helps you stop chasing life – and start living life to its fullest potentials today.

Transforming Fear into Faith

the universe has your back book coverAvailable in hard cover or e-book formats, The Universe Has Your Back continues to transform the lives of so many readers. Gabrielle Bernstein draws on her own life experiences with a range of insightful and inspirational stories. In a time where uncertainty and fear is commonplace, this book truly restores our faith in humankind and the ongoing quest to achieve inner happiness and internal solace.

The stories truly capture the allure and essence of faith and joy – the cornerstones of meeting our true purposes in life. In fact, readers have heralded this publication for helping them rediscover the power of faith in their lives, while understanding the universal bond of love and caring that we all share.

If you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or are is simply stagnating in life – a few passages from this incredible read truly offers a sense of security, belonging, and re-commitment to living our lives in a productive, pro-active, and peaceful manner.

Securing Happiness by Being Happy

We often hear that “happiness lies within salvation.” However, most people seem to be searching for something that is already there – but they cannot see it. This, of course, is the hidden faith and spirituality that we all share as humans.

No matter which religion we practice or which holy book we read -the ultimate path to happiness likes in our commitment to love. In fact, the book teaches readers how to make this their primary missions in life; spanning all personal, social, and private existences.

While technology is a great thing, it has sadly made most of us mindless robots to social media and other burgeoning platforms. We as humans have lost our ethics, morals, and basic beliefs in spirituality and a higher power. Whether you believe in God or not, there are so many ways to restore pure happiness in life.

It simply comes down to taking stock of one’s own life -and how he or she would like to enhance or tweak it to achieve inner and external happiness.

Getting Our Lives Back

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself”. How many times have we heard this statement over the years? The fact is that this is very true, and can easily manifest into so many fears and obstacles in our lives. This includes fear of failure, along with fear of death and even fear of intimacy.

Gabrielle effectively teaches readers how to release these fears by not living in unchangeable past. Similarly, she stresses the need to live in the present –without worrying about the unforeseen future. The book – with its many stories – teaches us to rely on the presence of our own hidden powers during turbulent and uncertain times.

In other words, when you are feeling lost due to life’s overwhelming challenges and never-ending stimuli – there is always hope.

This lies in your own positive energy, which you can create by drawing on positive experiences, memories, and the fact that nothing in life is every written or embedded in stone. With this mindset, you are able to move on in life without worrying about bills, social anxiety, health scares, and other common or extensive issues.


While we all have problems in life – the one constant knows that we are all connected through spirituality, beliefs, and the fact that higher powers do exist. Even for non-believers, there is something out there for everyone and it is our duty to go find or release it!

I highly recommend picking up this book if you feel that sometimes life is just too overwhelming to keep up with and want to reconnect with true happiness.  Gabrielle has created a book that will do down as a true classic; offering insights, advice, and true stories from her life that are sure to help anyone with an open mind.

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